Yippeee Pots!


Well, what a different week this has been to the one that preceded it. Thank goodness! Not sure how much more of that sort of horrible-ness I could have handled. This week has been so much more user friendly. It’s been warm and dry, not sunny but nice you know, a bit of a chill in the mornings and what did look distinctly like a frost one morning but autumn is my favourite season. Not that I am wishing it to come faster than it needs but I do love a good autumn.They barley and wheat fields have been shorn this week there’s not much land used for arable around here but this year there have been a couple along this road, it’s amazing how quickly they grow from that bare naked patch of soil and then suddenly the whole field is green and then before you know it it’s fabulous seeing those long stalks blowing in the breeze.

I have been invited along with many others to take part in this exhibition at Durango Arts Centre, Colorado called ‘Three Cups’. Now as you will be well aware I am not exactly know for my making of tea bowls, so these pieces are requested to be tea bowl inspired for the exhibition. I have in my life made three tea bowls in the past, one of which now belongs to David White, potter, one which went to the swapee in the Potfest tea bowl swap that year (the reason that I made the three in the first place) and the third I sent here.

So these are new ones for this exhibition, I have made about a million or so and plan to chose the best ones, so I’ll let you see them once they are fired and before they head off on their jaunt.

This morning I was out on the beach in the sunshine, now the rain is hammering at the window, brrr, gotten chilly again too.

Finally here is our breakfast time still life from Friday morning, hope you enjoy it. Next week I will be finishing those other almost a million tea bowls, and sorting myself out ready to head to the Pottery and Food show in Wardlow Mires in Derbyshire next weekend, who will be coming along to see us?

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5 Responses to Yippeee Pots!

  1. Nancy says:

    Congrats on the Durango exhibit! Will you be following your tea bowls? Durango is beautiful!

  2. Susan says:

    Wish we had time to get to the Three Stags, but we are taking daughter to university on the Saturday, and I expect both daughter and I will be shedding some tears on Sunday, and running up the phone bills.

    Your teabowls are wonderful

  3. The teabowls (or whatever you choose to call them) will be wonderful. It will be an honor to be in the same show, Hannah.

  4. Dennis Allen says:

    Always love the wet slip.

  5. oh well…it was to alan, very sweet H and thanks for that mo…
    anyhoo hope all your plates come out like the first one, that is brilliant and all the best with the cup show :))

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