Wood Firing

Stoking wood kiln

Stoking wood kiln

Firing in her wood kiln gives Hannah a further connection to her pots that she feels she doesn’t get from the electric kiln.

She has been intrigued and drawn in by the process of wood firing ever since helping with some firings whilst at university and then worked with one throughout her apprenticeship.

After long thought and contemplation Hannah’s wood fired kiln is a down draught kiln meaning the flame has to travel up into the top of the stack of pots before being drawn back down through the pieces to exit at the flue.

It has a beautiful catenary arch fire box leading to a sprung arched chamber.

There is just one very large firebox, as Hannah was aware when building it that she may often be firing alone and thought one would be simplest in that situation.



The firebox is huge, Hannah is firing earthenware and often with lead glazes so needs to ensure that lots of oxygen gets into the fire box where the wood is burning.

The chamber is 27 cubic feet capacity, so around about three by three by three foot inside the chamber.

With red earthenware clays, slips and lead glazes Hannah loves the extra depth of colour and variation of tones that can be achieved with the flames.

Being more involved with the pots and the whole process too is exciting and enthralling and a great big new adventure for her.