Wishing and Hoping

Woohoo it’s cold out there in the world at the moment. We got minus sixies pixies the night before last, not the coldest place in Britain by any stretch but dam chilly to say the least. Lots of layers and lots of wood on the fire and hot drinks and chunky soup. Maybe some chocolate biscuits to go along with all that as a wee bit of comfort food, always needed I think when it’s like this don’t you think?
I have the pots ready for the McGill Duncan Gallery now, I appear to have slightly misread the instructions with the exhibition and have written in my diary, on the calendar at work and on my making list that they need to be delivered by tomorrow, in actual fact the letter says by saturday just gone. What was happening in my brain that day I can’t honestly tell you. Thankfully it appears not to have caused any problems at the gallery and delivering them tomorrow is fine – assuming there is no more of the fluffy white stuff falling over night. These domed pots are tea light holders, they each hold three or four candles and the lids are the shapes cut out of the tops. They were a bit of a fiddle to cut and then to glaze making sure the lids don’t stick but I’m happy with the finished pots.

The tiny tapered jugs are going to the gallery too.

The show at the weekend was not what one might describe as a roaring success. Firstly it had snowed on friday evening and the pavements of Kirkcudbright are apparently renown for not being gritted and cleared so people were unfortunately put off visiting. Understandable but very frustrating for those of us that were exhibiting. Visitor numbers were very low and so of course the sales that did come were spread rather thinly between us all. The plus point was though that Broughton House is stunning! Big and old and a swine to heat but really beautiful. Sally the property manager gave me a sneaky peak into the pantry where a lot of the pots that aren’t on display are kept, the owner, Hornel, was a painter but also an avid collector of things, thousands of books, glassware, pots, lots of Chinese and Japanese painted porcelain and there are still many of the kitchen storage pots around (much more my kind of thing but the delicate stuff is amazing to see too) and of course the gallery space is full of his enormous canvases. The scale and the textures of his paintings is stunning, so many in one place I found a little sickly but there’s no doubting the business head of the man, from what I found out about him over the weekend he knew and was implementing a lot of ideas that a good many artists and crafts people could do well to learn from today.

When he had a new painting he hung it in the gallery space and invited his clients and potential collectors to come down from Glasgow and view it. When it was sold – which it inevitably was – it was lowered through the trap door in the gallery space down to the street level where it was loaded onto a pony and trap and taken off to the station. By the time the buyer was arriving home back in Glasgow the painting was already in their house waiting for them. Compare that service to the courier that I have been waiting the last ten days to turn up who keeps saying he’s sat outside and that I’m not in when I know full well I have been in at the time he said he was here. Today he actually rang me to say he was outside and where on earth was I, it turns out he had decided to keep on going to another house who’s name starts with the same 4 letters as the workshops address does. He had failed to continue reading the full address and so had kept reporting to the office that I wasn’t in. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Anyway the parcel is now hopefully winging it’s way safely over the Atlantic to the USA.

There was something that I was thinking about today that I thought to myself I must put on the blog because it made me chuckle and now I can’t for the life of me remember what on earth it was. Sorry about that. If I remember I’ll try to write it down so I don’t forget again.
The splendid fireplace in the image above is in the gallery space at Broughton House. Some of the stands were set out in here and some downstairs in the studio space. It’s quite a feature isn’t it.
Right it’s bed time, the electric blanket is on so it should be toasty. I have been considering, as Paul is still away (he sails tomorrow for nearly three weeks sea trials so contact while be sporadic at best now) folding the electric blanket in half longways and getting in between it like a toasted Hannah sandwich, I’m sure it’s not healthy but oh it would be warm. I haven’t got any further than thinking about the possibility, maybe I’ll save that for when it gets to minus double figures again…

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4 Responses to Wishing and Hoping

  1. Ron says:

    It's chilly here too and felt like snow today, not that we ever get any. Roaring fire going now. Last night we made s'mores in front of the woodstove. Yummy!

  2. what an interesting place to show.At least you had some distraction to your low sales-boo for low sales-it was chilly here but no hot blankets needed yet. I could use a giggle so let us know when you remember!

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Es gibt offensichtlich eine Menge zu wissen. Ich glaube, Sie haben einige gute Punkte in Funktionen auch. Halten Sie Ihren Arbeitsbereich, great job!

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