Wise Old Owl

Finished! A commission that I had really enjoyed working on, the lady it is for shared my sense of humour I think. These are to go above a door way, one on each side of the wall. Chuckle.

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4 Responses to Wise Old Owl

  1. Peter says:

    Really Lovely!

    Happy Christmas and New Year, Pxx

  2. gz says:

    Looking forward to seeing your pots for real again in April- we are living in a “sleepout” here in New Zealand, and the Morepork Owl sits all night in a tree nearby, saying…..”morepork, morepork” !!

    I’m sure that Terry Pratchett must have been here…..Ankh-Morpork????

  3. Lee says:

    I’d be interested in commissioning a copy of wise old owl plate if that would be possible? Thanks 🙂

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