Winter is Here

Paul and I have been away for a couple of days to Alnwick over on the north east coast of England. I have I feel been doing nothing but gallivanting for the last few weeks and it is probably quite true. I very rarely have time off work and barely ever two whole weeks at a time, admittedly I haven’t been feeling completely well this last week so some rest was probably essential. The castle was closed for the winter sadly, I do like a wonder round a good old castle, but Alnwick gardens were open and between showers we meandered around them enjoying the fact that it was so quiet but beautiful even though so many plants were sleeping.

There is a book shop in Alnwick, oh boy is there a book shop, called Barter Books (yes you can bring books to barter for other books with). It’s in the old railway station (Paul is sitting under a painting of the station master in that photo) and it’s a crazy place. They could I am sure supply you with a book on whatever topic took your fancy. We were there a while, on more than one occasion. I found some utter gems in the niche of English earthenware pottery. The illustration below is from ‘English Earthenware’ by A. H. Church and published in 1884. My favourite book that I brought home was ‘Examples of Early English Pottery Named, Dated and Inscribed’ by J. E. Hodgkin and E. Hodgkin published in 1891 of which I may share some pages with you in other posts.

Sundau from 11am till 3pm is Corsock Craft Fair, in Corsock village hall, just north of Castle Douglas. I’ll be there as will Amanda Simmons and many other wonderful crafts, fabulous cakes and tea and coffee a plenty. It’s a must if you are in the area.

I am now home and after tomorrow will have all the galleries supplied, fairs done and will be able to settle in fort he last few weeks of the year to be making pots. I have a few commissions to finish before Christmas comes but I am hoping to be making a start on getting pots together for my trip to Minnesota next year and also to be starting to make plans for my pottery’s tenth birthday celebration.The weekend of May 11th, 12th and 13th 2013 will see me in Minnesota, USA. I have been invited by Robert Briscoe to take part in this open studio event there as one of their guest potters. Would you like to receive the map and invitation in the post? If you would, please email me your name and postal address using the contact page on my website and I shall ensure that you get sent it. It looks like it will be a wonderful event. Dan Finnegan will be there too!

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3 Responses to Winter is Here

  1. gz says:

    Have a good time at Corsock….sell plenty!!

    May in Minnesota sounds good.

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    I may have to stop in and say hello.

  3. Anna says:

    And to think just a couple of years ago you came to the USA for the FIRST TIME. You are an old hand now. 🙂

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