Winding Up / Winding Down?

Ahhh, new pictures for me and for you. Exciting to have some new proper photographs of some of my pots. It seems like ages since I had any. Too late for a few of my applications but hey they’re ready for the next ones at least. These are done by Doug’s good friend Jonathan Thompson. Thanks, I like them a lot.

This week has been rather disjointed and I do feel like I am starting to wind down for Christmas already though I realise that Christmas is yet three weeks or so away so I can’t start that yet. Actually I haven’t yet managed to wind myself back up into workshop mode since I got back from my trip. I’ve a few orders yet to finish before Christmas but for the first time in about 12months no pressing next deadline. I think I am just going to gently potter and see how the fancy takes me. I made a few big chargers this week, just to see if I can’t get back to getting some through the kiln in one piece for a change.

This sunday December 4th is the almighty Corsock Craft Fair, quite possibly one of the best craft fairs you will ever attend. It’s an entry fee of £1 which gives you a wonderful supply of tea and cake while you browse some amazing quality craft work from around our region. I’ll be having a wee bit of a sale there so there may well be some bargains to be had if you so desire. It’s in the lovely Corsock Village Hall

CORSOCK CRAFT FAIR – Where Christmas begins! THIS Sunday 4th Dec. 11am- 3pm
Corsock Village Hall (newly insulated and decorated!)
A quality Craft Fair with stunning, quality hand made local crafts, mistletoe, jewellery, ceramics, Christmas cakes (inc Gluten free), embroidery, glass, cards, artisan bread, chutneys, circus toys, decorations,etc. etc.
Teas, coffee and delicious cakes free and Pringles Bar next door for drinks or lunch.
£1 entry all proceeds to Corsock events and Afghan Schools
Also your only chance to secure tickets for the Corsock Christmas Ceilidh

So that’s all for now my dears, if I don’t see you at Corsock I’ll see you here shortly with some more tales and pictures from that vast country over the water where I was at the other week.

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3 Responses to Winding Up / Winding Down?

  1. Wish we could make Corsock, Hannah. But it was a happy surprise to hear your voice today, even though you still speak with that funny accent after spending so much time in the US this year. Happy Christmas from Dee and me to you and Paul.

  2. ajsimmons says:

    Wonderful new pictures,great background and really makes the pots shine! See you in sunny Corsock…or may be snowy corsock, you never know x

  3. Anna says:

    What a year you have had! Good to be free of major deadlines for a bit. I am busy, busy drooling on the pots you sent to Fredericksburg with Dan!

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