Wildlife upate

The wildlife count today has been as follows:

three hares (two about to start boxing or just finishing and shaking hands I wasn’t quite sure)
one heron
two buzzards
a million and three pheasants
and a sweet sweet little fellow who stuck his head around the open door of my workshop and seemed very surprised to see me there, ever so beautiful he was, long and slim with short legs and a long tail and with a white chin and chest. I should have been able to tell what it was because of course weasels are weasily recognised and stoats are stoatally different.

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2 Responses to Wildlife upate

  1. A little of that Scots humor …I have yet to have a weasel poke his or her head into my studio. Though I did find a pile of mouse breakfast leavings in one corner of the kiln before I started loading the other day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the stoaty/weasily chap was taking a people survey on the way to wildlife HQ:1 Potter lady1 Painting lady1 Willow weaving lady6 farmers5 teachersHe was overheard saying 'some of the humans have very strange habits, they confine themselves to a workshop/studio habitat everyday. I have seen a lady listening to radio4, drinking T, while whizzing clay into shapes, which is then tortured with heat & then offered 4 sale. Remarkable!!'

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