Wild Windy Week

Well I have finally gotten some pots slipped. I have had a couple of dozen jars and jugs sat sitting under plastic for what feels like weeks. Today I got to slipping them. There are now not so many pots left. I remember thinking when I throwing them that they were much bigger than they would usually be from that amount of clay and that they seemed thinner than usual. I was thinking that that was a good thing.

It isn’t a good thing. There is a bloody good reason that my pots are the thickness that they are. That is so that they don’t flipping collapse when I soak them in slip. Durrrrrrr!

The last couple of days it has been really windy here, I think across the whole country pretty much. I don’t know what it is with the wind but it gets me feeling all jittery. I certainly notice at Cubs too if it’s a windy day they are all much wilder than they usually would be. I find it hard to settle to things when it’s like this. The old metal door on the workshop rattles like crazy too which doesn’t aid the concentration much – come on joiners get the job finished!

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5 Responses to Wild Windy Week

  1. ang says:

    oh nooooo is that a clay body thing or just coz its so cold??? booger…love deco tho H love the spout on your jug lovely form altogether..

  2. Joseph says:

    The wind is bad here too (nr Blackpool) and the shop near us keeps putting up their A frames which crash back down after about 2 minutes… they have 3 of them so we get crash crash crash, hear their door open they get stood up again and the process continues.

  3. gz says:

    No, it is a slip thing! (I've made earthenware slipware too)Windy down here in Wales too, at least our bit has had less than Mid Wales.I'm glad its a glazing day here-no excuse to go outside!

  4. kateuk says:

    Wind unsettles me too- used to teach boys and they were always more bonkers on windy days, cats are too:mine stayed out all night chasing leaves, came to the window and looked in, gave me a 'why on earth do you think I'd want to come inside when it is this good outside" look and vanished sideways into the darkness.Usually he is glued to the bed all night long.That jug is fabulous.

  5. CRAZY weather this year has been- what's up with that?Your slip is so yummy to me- I want to see you do all of this when you are here.Although it is going to be hard with me sitting in your lap!

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