Wierd Week

Not sure yet what I think of these two ‘things’ they are I feel, sort of all there but not necessarily in the right order if you know what I mean, bellies too small and not quite in the right place for the wide necks. I think I’ll put handles on still and see how they feel then.

I managed to pack a bisque kiln this afternoon, at this time of year the kiln is barely cool before it’s back on again – usually. At the moment though I just can’t get anything to dry at anywhere near a reasonable rate. Very frustrating to say the least. Anyway packing the kiln suddenly gives me lots of free space on my racks to put new things on. Hurrahhh!
New pots from the Harlequin Range are now on display at The Craft Shop in The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. So if you are in that area do pop in and have a look. I’d love to know what you think.
Finally a big pile of congratulations to my good friends Caroline and Graeme and to their new baby boy who made an appearance yesterday morning. He doesn’t have a name yet but I hope they pick one soon as then I might manage to refer to it as something other than ‘it’. The more I try not to call tiny babies ‘it’ the more I do it, apologies to you both if I do that, thankfully you know it’s not personal it’s just my stupid brain.
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4 Responses to Wierd Week

  1. doug Fitch says:

    It’s tricky imagining the complete pot as a whole when it’s made sectionally is it not? They’ll make a lot more sense when the handles are on, it’ll tie the neck into the body.

  2. paul jessop says:

    Well they look wierd to me.I allways make a basic handle shape from a lump of clay and offer it up to the pot so I will get an Idea of what it will look like while its still on the wheel. it works for me.

  3. ray says:

    Hello, I was going to come and say hello to you at Harrogate as we have Andrew D as a mutual friend! I loved your work and your blog is ace!

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