Wierd dreams and muesli pots.

Last night I had a dream, odd dreams are not uncommon in my head, this was very odd though. I dreamt the kiln was built and packed and had been fired and it was time to unpack the first firing. First we had to undo the drawer in the chimney – ? and take out all the broken pots in there, of course that’s where they all accumulate isn’t it. Then there was a steel lid that was hoisted off the kiln which revealed the brick work, and then it was big enough to stand up in inside, there were two or three people in there unpacking it and the shelves were sort of library shelves with aisles in between wide enough to walk down. It was enormous! Full of pots, some were mine but only about 5% of the total, all the broken ones in the chimney drawer were mine though. There were Paul Young’s pots, Doug’s pots, Ron’s pots, some of Matt’s slabbed dishes, some old Wedgewood things, some Japanese teapots, you know every range of possible ceramic work of wildly varying temperature and clay and finish but of course as it is in dream world all fired in the same kiln at the same time.
The thing that really confused me though was that around the back of one of the sets of shelves there was an entire living room, settees and coffee table and rug in front of the fire and I was baffled (ha ha baffle, no kiln pun intended) as to whether or not there was a wall built between this room and the chamber during the firing and if there wasn’t and I could see no sign of where said bricks would be if there was indeed a wall then how on earth did the person sitting in there with the cat not get far too hot?

Anyway despite the bizarre dream I had a great day today, very quiet at work, so I just got on with stuff, lots of plates for my next tree plate set, and a big pot that has been ordered for a muesli pot, it is huge! I hope the lid fits and I really hope it survives. I finished sorting out all the pots and stand furniture that I had taken with me and the place is tidied up and ready to go again.

If you hadn’t guessed, this is the sweet wee teapot that I swapped with Sally Raven the other day. Tis a little darling isn’t it. Look at it’s lovely bottom.
I’ve got all these new pots that I would love to have made to take to Buxton but I was just working out today just how tall an order that is as they would have to be in for a bisque by friday next. Hmmm, well if it’s sunny next week it might just happen. Fingers crossed for a sunny week.
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5 Responses to Wierd dreams and muesli pots.

  1. That sounds like a really interesting world inside your head, Hannah.

  2. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah, that’s a crazy dream girl. V. cool pot of Sally’s.

  3. paul jessop says:

    That big pot looks like a chimney pot for your Kiln, maybe you could just climb inside it and have a look around your kiln before its even built, and remember to hang a stocking on it at Christmas.

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Hannah,Glad to see you back into production. It is good to get the hands in the clay. Your site has been a real help to me over the time I have been blogging and, as a way of saying “thank you” I have picked your blog for the “Kreativ Blogger Award”. Please check my blog for the rules: http:opopots.blogspot.comBest Wishes, Peter

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lots of new pots newJugs, mugs, chargers even larger chargersI’ll be working the clay all day clayNext event Buxton staying overnight in my tent eventI’m just about to light the imaginary wood burning kiln, quick quick the beds on fire, I gave a mighty imaginary shout put it out out!!

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