Who's a naughty girl?

What a weekend and more of beautiful weather. I am not used to all this sunshine, as you can tell by the fact that my usual face full of freckles has turned into a face full of freckle. We went down to Manchester this weekend to a surprise 30th birthday party for my friend Rick in the pic below. I used to work in an outdoor shop with Rick in Manchester many years ago while I was at uni and it was yours truly who introduced him to the lovely Emma who he has been with for ten years now which he takes great pleasure in reminding me and which I take great pleasure in having done.
We popped into Manchester City Art Gallery while we were there so as I could dose up on my Toft platter fix. There are a couple in there on display, one with oak leaves to die for. Paul bagged his first two Tofts, so to speak, he’d never seen any in the flesh before.

We had a day out at Lyme Park on the sunday with Rick and Emma and Caro and Graeme which was great as we don’t see much of them these days. Nice to do it in the sunshine too.

Oh yes I’m a naughty girl too because I just had the afternoon off work. I don’t do that very often at all but me and Paul were talking about how little we got away together last summer and so decided that if it’s a nice afternoon we will occasionally say “sod it” and go off an do something. So we went out cycling which was great and which I haven’t done other than to go to work since way before Christmas before I hurt my knee. It was very pleasant indeed. We shall do that again.

For those of you that remember Alan at Argyll Pottery up near Oban you will be pleased to hear if you don’t know already, that Nicola who works there alongside Hugh has started a blog. Find it here. Hugh has been quietly working away there by himself all winter but is not at all a computer type of man but now Nic is back there for the summer I think and has started up a blog. It’s good to hear again what’s happening up in that neck of the woods.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sod it!!Bike it!!Like it!!

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