Whoooo, Weekend at Last

How is it that a week can feel so long and yet when you look back at it the list is just as long at the end as it was at the beginning and you don’t appear to have masses to show for the time spent. I think my problem at the moment is that this year is already so very full of events and shows that I can’t concentrate. I think I need to distill the list, make it look a bit less intimidating before I can get my head around it properly. The time is flying by too and that makes me flappety flap even more.
However one thing I did manage to do was get around to booking the tickets to America! How big and scary? Crikey it’s ever so much more real now. Have a look at these three posts from Dan, Hollis and Ron to get more information about the trip.

My notice board has been moved from the wall in my old workshop and now has to be a board in the new place as all my walls are solid now, no more plasterboard to pin things to. I had a clear up of the pictures. I’ve kept the ones that I’ve not put back up but now there is space for new pictures. Some of the pictures I’ve collected over the years, others are cards that people have sent me because they thought I’d like the picture. That’s something I love and I do tend to do the same if I see something that I know will be appreciated by one of my friends I’ll pop it in the post to them. The digital age is wonderful but there’s nothing like receiving a hand written card through the post is there.

My friend Elinor will be 29 in June. She is having throughout her 29th year, 29 tea parties with the last one being on her 29th birthday. They are being in all sorts of different places and with many different themes. The 10th one was this wednesday afternoon in my workshop. It was lovely. Obviously I don’t have a neat dainty tea table so the board resting on top of buckets of bird food and slips had to do.

Slip trailed mats of course and my new cake stands got an outing. It was a lovely afternoon and really great to have something social and happy and fun happen in my space. I am really enjoying it! It’s starting to feel like my workshop now. Still waiting for the good old joiners to come back and finish up but I am very happy in it.
Thursday was pottery’s 8th birthday too which I had forgotten about during the tea party.

I got a letter this week to tell me I had been accepted for the market place section at Art in Action. Now can anyone explain why for years and years you apply for things and get not a sniff and then suddenly you get into all the four things that you have applied for all in one go. It’s great! However they all happen within a very short space of time over the summer and involve an awful lot of driving up and down the country. It’s at times like this that you think it might be better to live where I used to live. I only think that for a minute though and then I come back to my senses. I can take a helper / helpers to Art in Action which I think would be very useful else I’m going to be utterly exhausted and worn out. So if anyone lives in the area of the show which is at Waterperry in Oxfordshire and would like to help give me an email in the next day or so before I fill in the form and I can apply for a pass for you.
Today is the opening of the Spring Fling Taster Exhibition at Stranraer Museum. I wasn’t able to make it down there today but the show features work from everyone who is participating in SF 2011.

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11 Responses to Whoooo, Weekend at Last

  1. Anna says:

    I know you are loving your new space! And room for a tea party surrounded by GREAT pots. Awesome. And yippee for the tickets. I paid for the workshop on Wed. 🙂

  2. gz says:

    Doesn't it feel for ages that you're banging your head against a brick wall!Then it all comes in a rush. Good for you!Lovely tea party, and a grand idea. A good way to see all your friends through the year too.

  3. ajsimmons says:

    lovely post Hannah and what a fab tea party, so sorry I missed it…I hope you keep the bunting up! A x

  4. Dennis Allen says:

    Since I've already paid, I'm glad you are actually coming.

  5. Dan Finnegan says:

    What a good looking tea party! Very civilized…I had a tea party every Friday afternoon in my old shop with 12 -20 visitors each time!

  6. Linda B says:

    I love that big fat frog on your notice board -is it Japanese? Lovely cakestands too

  7. Linda B says:

    Have the mats got clay trailed on them?

  8. Hannah says:

    Hi Anna,Glad you finally got around to booking the workshop, I was supposed to nag you about that.Linda, yes there is trailed slip on the mats, what else would I do to decorate them? The frog is Japanese, he was in the exhibition at the British Museum a couple of years ago of Japanese crafts.

  9. kateuk says:

    Good news you are at Art in Action- really keen to see your pots in the flesh- at last they will be nearby en masse.This year I shall go for sure.

  10. ang says:

    no wonder you can't get your head around it H its exciting and a bit scariting at the same time….i suggest a very large board for planning the year on! chat soon :))

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