What's going on?

Twice in the last two days I have attempted to make a cup of tea whilst having failed to first boil the kettle, this morning while making breakfast I did boil the kettle but poured it over my cereal and filled the mug with cold milk. I don’t like to think about what on earth is going on there but if you pop in for a brew this week you might want to flick the on switch on the kettle for me.

This week we have to hand in work for the Spring Fling Taster exhibitions, one to be held at Gracefield Arts centre and one at Stranraer museum. I had made some new pots for them but I succeeded in blowing one up in the kiln and that one took out the other two. Oh well back to the wheel with those. I hate not having the pots that I really want to take somewhere. I feel now like I’m not putting in the effort for the exhibition because it isn’t going to be work that is hot out of the kiln. Of course that’s silly, I know it is but I can’t help it. The work that I will take is great, it’s not like it’s seconds or that I’m not happy with it, it’s just that it’s not brand new, so I’ll make myself feel bad about it now instead.
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  1. Big Al says:

    Sounds like someone is pre-occupied with things. Hope the soggy cereal was better warm than the cold milk/tea!I'm loving the pots. I'm still trying to understand the printing thing you etched. I missed what that was but it looked good. The print seemed dark but I think that is my monitor.Cake looked good from the silicone tin.

  2. Ron says:

    Hannah you crack me up.

  3. gz says:

    Shit happens.Stop stressing!!Be calm, go back and enjoy the making.Also, your older pots are still good. So no worries!!

  4. I have been that person!Time to put the head on straight!It's the putting the milk away in the cabinet I hate!

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