What a weekend.

It was great, my head is bursting with things that it would be great to try. I wish I didn’t have so many deadlines pressing on me at the moment so that I could try some of them out. The SPA are such a good bunch of folk, all very friendly and I think everyone had a good time. The ceilidh was energetic and I have the bruises on my arms to prove it (some of these potters are pretty strong.)

Richard Godfrey was a complete contrast to Mike, his bright wacky pots are so like his personality, very much as Mike’s pots I think are like him. Richard’s demos were faster. I couldn’t honestly say I preferred one to the other, both offered keen insights into their working methods and techniques. The ease that Richard pressed slabs of clay for his bivalve teapots and joined the resulting pieces was wonderful to watch. He has inspired me to try his press mould in an apple box technique. I also need to get hold of some of the plastic pipe that beer is pumped through in a pub to have a go at making a very slinky little number of a new slip trailer.

Mike Dodd is a very gentle fellow and I really enjoyed his demonstrations. He took pieces through from throwing to faceting, slip application or dry china clay and ball clay mix applied to the outside of a wet pot and thrown out from the inside only, handles, impressed decoration. He talked a lot about why he does what he does and about his kilns and building a kiln in Peru about 20 years ago. The smooth unhurried demos where no movement was wasted were fascinating and pulled you to keep watching. I think I’ll tell you more over time, it’s all a bit busy in my head at the moment.

I didn’t end up spending very much time in Alison’s demos but did see her handbuilding some very beautiful conkers and saw her raku firing a large pot full of glass and plunging it straight into a bucket of cold water. Alison was such an enthusiastic person and is quite obviously utterly passionate about what she does.

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  1. I think it’s a great idea to report on your week-end. It helps us all share in the excitment and feel a bit more motivated.(I’m book into a session on tax issues tomorrow so I need all the motivation I can get! I feel a bit peeved at missing a days potting).

  2. PS What is press mould in an apple box technique!? I cann’t wait to get in on that one!

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