What a week.

So there was a bit of sun as this picture proves but I think packing my sun tan lotion and swimming costume were pushing it a bit far for my trip down south to Devon. This was the slightly crazy mad glazing session in the park on the Tuesday afternoon. The dark looking grey stuff on the outside of the pots on the right is the galena glaze.

This is the kiln pretty much packed, it swallowed up an awful lot of pots, we ad to go on a bit of a scrounge for extras.

This is is Julie and Phillip Leach just as it got light on thursday morning we were utterly drenched to the skin from the torrential rain that nearly had us not light the kiln it was that bad. It’s a shaky picture because I was so cold I couldn’t hold the camera still enough.

It was so smooth, apart from the gallons of water on our heads and a broken pyro at one point. We put wood in and the temperature went up, bloomin marvelous, makes good sense as to why the potters of old used these kilns. It’s a cracker, not I have to say as attractive as the ClayArt one but it certainly did the job.

Here’s the kiln firing gaggle all togged up in welly boots, trendy blue mitts and lots of mud.

One of Jason Shackleton’s jugs, really lovely pot I think.

This is one of mine, my favourite one I think.

This sgraffito one is nice too though.

Ooops, bad picture but this wee one was in there too, this one lives with Doug now.

This is the fat belly of the third of my big harvest jugs. The black slip is really metallic, those leopardy marks are rather scrummy to my eyes.
I’ve got lots more to tell and lots more photos, they’ll appear over the next few days. Had a fabulous time, great people, Philip is just lovely and his wife Frannie is a star too. Will tell you more soon. It was great to see Doug and Hilary and the boys again too, I wonder if they are used to finding random potters curled up asleep on their couch yet?
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4 Responses to What a week.

  1. What an epic week, the pots look fantastic, that finish is something special!

  2. Big Al says:

    Glad your back. Missed the posts. Awesome pots! Wow, some great work. Looks like fun was had by all, even if it was wet fun. Keep the pics and the story coming!

  3. Really great stuff but call that mud HA! you didn’t go to Connect, now there’s real over your wellies mud for you.

  4. ang says:

    wow your stuff is looking ‘doug like’ with the wood firing – apart from the deco of course…glad you had a great time.

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