What a flipping week

Firstly for the last couple of months I have been trying to organise a surprise party for Heather, the smiling lady in the photo above. She is the Cub leader at the group I help out with. This year she was honored by receiving the Silver Wolf Award which is the highest award that a leader in the Scout Association can hold. Heather has been working with the association since Baden Powell was a boy or so it feels like and her enthusiasm never fails. She is a star and the award was well deserved. Drew, the gentleman in the picture is our District Chairman and he too was awarded the Silver Wolf, a few years ago now though.

So with a good bit of help from parents of my Cubs and the Community Council and the Active Support Unit we did manage to give Heather quite a bit of a surprise judging by the look on her face when she was escorted in by three of our Cubs. I really hope she enjoyed the party.

Other than that it has been a slog of a week. It’s been kiln disaster after kiln disaster and mess after mess and feeling utterly useless again. Yes I know the plate with the birds is lovely – apart from the fact that I stupidly stuck it to the kiln shelf. What a fool. This blog post from Handmade Lives could not have come at a more appropriate time. She’s a genious is the lady that writes these posts, if you don’t know them then have a read.

Finally I cheered myself up by getting some flowers, here are said flowers in a gorgeous Doug jug, next to a lovely Nic jug and with both of them snuggling a wee Sabine oil burner.

So tomorrow will be a new day, new week, onwards and upwards!




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  1. Michi says:

    confidence certainly does ebb and flow, doesn’t it! Especially with setbacks and kiln disasters. But you are an accomplished artist doing beautiful work. Not to mention a complete sweetheart! The platter is lovely. Not that it’s the plan, but sometimes the only way we get to keep our best work is to break it….
    Thanks for the link to Handmade Lives. Such a great resource. As is your blog!
    Thank you,

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