Wet weekend

A very wet weekend and I just look at the forecast for tomorrow and guess what, it’s going to rain! Excellent, just what we need right now. It does however call for some comfort eating, toasted muffins with blackcurrant jam, Ginger cake and hot chocolate eaten from a new Margaret Brampton plate which Christine gave me for my birthday, a soda fired plate from the Coromandel penninsula of New Zealand, a Ron Philbeck washing line plate, a Doug Fitch mug and a H Mc mug and surrounded by a Paul Young candlestick and some James Hake tealight holders on a Mr J oolala tile. I think that’s everyone present name checked.

We went for a squelchy walk in the rain on sunday, one of our regular walks was impossible, the path should be just behind that big tree on the right of the fence line there. We haven’t been nearly as badly affected as the Cumbrian region has but there is some quite incredible flooding in places. New Galloway where my cubs meet was a little island on friday and you couldn’t get in or out of the village. The force of the elements can be frightening.

Some of the McGill Duncan gallery pots are finished now with the rest of them in the kiln for a bisque as we speak. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze them all and all the pots for the upcoming CatStrand show all in for a glaze firing tomorrow. I always over estimate what the kiln can take.

I’ve been sieving glaze today and found myself singing this little ditty as I was working:
I hate sieving glaze,
Oh I hate sieving glaze,
Eee aye endio,
I hate sieving glaze.
Amanda thinks I’ve lost the plot for that, she may well be right.
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7 Responses to Wet weekend

  1. Anna says:

    I love that collection of pots. I remember when it finally occurred to me that collecting pottery didnt mean just mugs!Wow, that is alot of water. Rain here too but so far it is behaving within the river banks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought it might be a quiz when I first saw the picture….. an idea for the future perhaps?Dave, Sue, Miffy & Doug

  3. ang says:

    you must be waterlogged H..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will you b releasing your ditty on CD in time for Christmas…….??

  5. ajsimmons says:

    Yeah…Hannah for Christmas number one!A x

  6. Anonymous says:

    Re comment above is it installation art (Lady attached to pole) or just a sideline with BT!! I am going for the art option. Stay alert when driving down country lanes

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