Wet slip and hopefully no snow.

Lots of freshly slipped mugs and little bowls left on the shelves to dry tonight and the heater most definitely left on it’s anti frost setting. About minus 3 degrees C when I left the house to go to work this morning. Similar forecast for tonight.

Off to Sheffield for the weekend as it is Paul’s mum’s 80th birthday this weekend.
Happy Birthday Faith!
As much as I adore the snow and have been a bit sad not to have had any when the rest of the country seems to have much of it, I hope there is none here tomorrow so that I can get away down to the railway station and so that the journey goes smoothly!
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7 Responses to Wet slip and hopefully no snow.

  1. Oh, but we have so much snow here in northern New York, surely I could send you some….I adore these pots, just love them!

  2. Hannah says:

    not today gary but next week please do!

  3. paul jessop says:

    That’s just sparked an Idea,Refridgerated Padded enveloves for sending stuff that needs to be kept cool.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sheffield is my home town. How the industrial landscape has changed. Just a few specialist steel companies left. Safe journey – hopefully, snow is on hold until next week

  5. Peter says:

    Hi Hannah,Hope your weekend away goes well, and that you get there OK with all the snow. It is Waitangi Day here in New Zealand, a public holiday, and we have had our studio open to the public. Quite busy for a while mid afternoon and I actually managed to sell a wee lidded pot. The forecast is for a hot north westerly gale tomorrow with temperatures approaching 30 degrees Centigrade.Thanks for your comment on my, blog http://opopots.blogspot.com, with more about your trip to New Zealand, and relatives there. Sadly, whilst I did meet up with Russell in Dunedin, I don’t know Lynton and Edith Diggle, but I may have a copy of the film that Lynton made about Driving Creek pottery in the Coromandel (I will have a look in my old pottery videos). I can help you with the name of the town in the South Island of New Zealand with the world’s biggest knitted jumper, it is Geraldine. You may find a picture of the building you mentioned by looking up the town of Geraldine on the Internet. We love our old post office building, I will put some more photos of it on my site soon, maybe of the garden in summer so as to bring a ray of sunshine to you potters who are in the depths of winter.

  6. Those new cups are absolutely beautiful…can I purchase one orf of you?Tig xSheffield looked lovely by the way.

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