We're off in a motor car.

It’s been a long old day. Finally got some paperwork finished that I have been working on for what seems like an age, hope it is all ok. Anyway off to Perthshire tomorrow, really looking forward to the weekend. Two years ago we got snowed in up there, it snowed solidly for three days, absolutly beautiful, the field centre is a couple of miles down a dirt track about 10 ish miles outside Pitlochry. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. Today’s pics are of one of the new jugs with new handle and sgraffito oak leaf decoration and the view from the window that the computer sits next to and our friendly neighbours.
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  1. potterboy says:

    I once lived in an old farm cottage near Uttoxeter and the cows used to look in as we brushed our teeth – it was a really beautiful setting – just fields – looks fab where you are.Intrigued by the field centre – is it the field studies council place? I haven’t been to that one yet but FSC places are always great. I hope you do get snowed in – sounds lovely. I like Pitlochry too – such an odd place – and all my Douglas rellies come from some old villages along that north shore of Loch Tummel (until circa 1805 when they all shipped out to Dundee.) I think perhaps that’s why living remotely is in my blood.

  2. paul jessop says:

    I Like the Jug. Your decoration is just so good.

  3. Hannah says:

    Oh thank you for the jug comment. They came out of the kiln not too bad either. Pretty pleased really.

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