Well I have to do it now. . .

Some of Amanda’s tiles were in the last firing. She hasn’t seen them yet, I think they have come out a treat. She’ll be round again tomorrow for another session.

Sgraffito of black through white slip, I think I can make some more of this.

More new mugs.

So yes I have to do it now because . . . I now have a big pile of wood, stacked up and ready to dry out and am very tired from shifting it all into lovely neat piles today.
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5 Responses to Well I have to do it now. . .

  1. SFOS says:

    whoah wee…..cool! can’t wait to see the jug! Nice mugs…Amanda x

  2. SFOS says:

    woops…sorry I’m not SFOS (well part of) but my comments are purely all amandas doing….x

  3. Linda Starr says:

    Beautiful work, the tiles and all the slipware, love the oak platter demo below, thanks.

  4. paul jessop says:

    Nice Mugs, I like the white through the black slip very cool.

  5. I have an order for you…how we do?Tigx

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