Well I didn't know I could do that.

Who’d have thought it? Today we started what we’ve been trying to start for months and months and months. Jason came over to give me a hand, we got out the fireclay and the bricks and started laying them. I have been learning how to spread mortar and lay bricks, didn’t know I could do that. This whole project is one big learning curve.

So two layers f heavy bricks for the base and we started building the tunnels for the flames.

Here I am, just to prove it, dark picture though. I am now aching like something that is incredibly achy, and have enjoyed a very hot and very deep bath. Unfortunately I have to go away tomorrow, it would have been good to carry on now that it’s started. Never mind, hopefully July will see some more building done.

Lots of lovely pots out of the kiln. I’m really pleased with them. This plate I think has a lot of potential, I’ll be playing with that idea some more once I get home again. I managed to start packing up for the weekend and the coming ten days that I will be away. Lots of things to take for lots of different things.

Fat jug with a band of slip trailed oak leaves.

Crazy blooming daisies.

Lovely big fat jug full of sgraffito crazy daisies. It’s got a nice handle but I forgot to photograph that bit, it was a long day and I was getting very tired when I was unpacking the kiln. So off to Taena pottery in Gloucestershire tomorrow, I may be able to blog during the week but I can’t guarantee it. Looking forward to seeing my good potting friends and hopefully making some new friends too.
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4 Responses to Well I didn't know I could do that.

  1. tsbroome says:

    Well done! But didn't you know, girls can do anything!! I had so much fun helping a friend of mine build her wood kiln and also at the kiln workshop I took with John Britt, such a sense of accomplishment. Just wait until you get to fire it for the first time!

  2. Girls can do anything, indeed. Love the oak leaf plate, Hannah. I'm excited to see that first firing in the new kiln, too.

  3. ang says:

    weheyyy, nice start to the little burner H…..your plates look lovely..

  4. Ron says:

    Good work there Hannah. Can't wait till you get the fire going.

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