I would like to introduce you to my nephew, Gregor John, born yesterday to one rather exhausted sister of mine and her lovely partner. 6lb 12 and a half oz of him, I know what that looks like in clay but it looks rather different in the form of flesh and blood. I never imagined that I would actually say this about a baby ever but he’s just beautiful. He slept all through visiting time, maybe he’ll be awake tomorrow. Shall I take some clay in for him I wonder? Might upset the nurses. I’ll maybe wait till they are able to take him home in a few days.

Auntie Hannah gave him the Paddington Bear, I used to have one myself many moons ago.

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6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Clare Dawdry says:

    Congratulations Auntie Hannah! What a beautiful wee boy! Hope to see more of you in 2013.

  2. Ron Philbeck says:

    Awww, he’s very small and cute. Congrats.

  3. Tracey says:

    Wow, six pounds? Wesley was nine pounds, no wonder I had a C Section!
    Paddington bear is a perfect gift for a new aunt to give. I was obsessed with Beatrix Potter when Wes was a baby. Ahhhh, so many goods times to look forward to,
    get ready! Congrats to all of you:)

  4. gz says:

    DO take some clay in, and do foot and handprints.

    Congratulations to all

  5. Susan says:


    Yes hand prints in clay, though not in the hospital, they may not like earthenware in there.

    I did some hand prints with Grandson today, and he cut out some shapes too. Wants them in Lavender blue glaze he says.

  6. smartcat says:

    Every kid should have a Paddington……and the wonderful stories too. Yes to clay and books and singing.

    Congratulations to auntie, parents and Gregor John

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