Dodgy picture of a whole bunch of red kites in the sky over Phil’s gallery, they fly over every evening on their way to roost, there were about 30 of them. Thankfully he takes better pictures than I do.

Phil has a fab wee gallery in Laurieston village, he’s usually open every sunday so pop in and see him if you are in the area on a sunday. This weekend myself and Amanda joined him for a Winter exhibition of photos, pots and glass. We have had a great time together even with my aftermath of swine flu jag not so wellness.

A few quick shots of the inside of the gallery. Lovely large bright space. Lucky man.

Thank you Phil and Louise for your hospitality and constant supply of tea and sleeping remedies.

Some picture from the CatStrand exhibition to come tomorrow.
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6 Responses to Weekend.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hannah, Love the oak tree set of plates, we need to talk tiles, we'll probably put some ideas in a christmas card…. We don't get kites, but do get buzzards circling looking for rabbits, kittens, small blonde wifes etc…Dave & Sue

  2. Hannah says:

    Me thinks that Sue didn't write that comment then Dave. Good job she's got you as her Knight in shinning armour to save her then isn't it.

  3. Anna says:

    I love the tree set too-looks awesome on the white wall. Have to say that I have a weakness for cows and that photo in the background is fantastic!

  4. Hi, Hannah. Love the new photo in the header … or whatever you call that first photo at the top of the blog. Lovely bowls.

  5. ang says:

    ooh take it easy H, had my jab a couple of weeks ago just thought id test the new batch, came out in a rash from that too..! it official,i am allergic to the world!!

  6. I really like the group of plates to form a pictorial group. More!

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