A little madness escaping in the form of a strutting mad bird.

A small display stand for my little tree ornaments. I don’t usually make these to sell, usually just instead of Christmas cards for my friends. For some reason this year I have made some to sell. Available from the CatStrand Christmas market tomorrow night from 5pm till 8pm in New Galloway or Corsock craft fair sunday from 11am till 4pm or I can post them if you’re interested. £3.50 each or 5 for £15 plus postage. Quick blatant plug there. In fact while I’m at it I can post pots to you don’t forget, you might want to leave a subtle hint around the place for your nearest and dearest as to what you might like as a present this year. . .

A commemorative charger made for a customer, it’s on it’s way to him now in the post. It’s about 17″ diameter and I like the oak tree / family tree connection there. Hope I have spelt all the names correctly.

Fat casserole dish, great shape I think, fat and friendly and ready to be full of food.

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2 Responses to Wednesday

  1. ang says:

    mad bird !! love it..

  2. Anonymous says:

    A little madness escaping in the form of a strutting mad bird.Now who does that remind you of!!!

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