For those fellow addicts out there here’s another fresh slip pic for you to lust over.

I received this flier through the post this afternoon, opened it up and thought hey I know who made that, it’s Jim’s pot.

Open it up and there’s a great poster which has a certain Ron Philbeck in the exhibition too, well done the both of you.

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4 Responses to Wednesday

  1. jim says:

    hi hannah, i saw the poster online and they sent me 2 of them but i had no idea the first foldout had the bowl there… what a great surprise. thanks for the shout out… lovely humbug jugs in the previous post. that dark brown slip looks like chocolat.

  2. Ron says:

    Cool eh? It was neat to see Jim's pot there.

  3. Hey- I Know those guys!Great posted!

  4. Wish I could get one of those posters! Anybody have an extra for my classroom???

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