We Stopped!

Only for three days but we did stop, together, for the first time in heaven knows when. Last week I lost the plot and it was time for a bit of R and R. Paul was here and I was here and we had no pressing commitments, well not so pressing as couldn’t wait till this week, and we took our tent and headed out west for three days. We camped at Sandhead right next to the beach. We got fab weather. We had a great time. It’s been an age since we were together and not at home and not working. We cycled out to the Mull of Galloway to the lighthouse on the edge of the world there, warm and sunny and not too windy.

We popped into Port Logan where we recreated a photo for my mum of me from years ago on the previous embodiments of these rocking springy things in the playground. I find it hard to resist a playground toy play.

We went to Logan Gardens, this is the botanic garden out west and it’s full of palms and stuff that you wouldn’t at all think it were possible to grow in south west Scotland.

We also went to the Logan Fish Pond which I whole heartedly recommend. It’s formed in a Silurian blow hole and was made into a larder in 1788 by the then laird of Logan House. It’s brilliant, it’s like walking into a little haven, well except for the conger eels that will take your finger off if you are daft enough to put one in the water. The chap that showed us round was full of information and stories and was a great guide.

If you get to go at feeding time that must be great.

We paddled in the sea of course and I couldn’t resist a swim, it’s just too tempting. It was surprisingly unfreezing too, it wasn’t the temperature that takes your breath away when you first submerge. I was pleasantly surprised.

Corr a break. What a wonderful idea. We need to do that again sooner rather than later. Stave off the insanity for a wee while longer. Back to work this week but feeling rather rejuvenated even after such a short trip.

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  1. Ron says:

    Looks like fun. Glad you two were able to get away for a while!

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