Warm Weekend.

This weekend we had the pleasure and amusement of a visit from my potter friend Debbie who now lives in the British Virgin Islands in a place called Tortola. We were at college together and obviously I don’t see very much of her these days but she came up for a too short trip to Galloway with Matt her great bloke.

At Cairn Holy along the coast from us, a neolithic burial site.

It was sad to see them go this afternoon but they are off to enjoy the Lake District for a few days now. Maybe we’ll meet next time over at their place, a boat that they are rebuilding to live on.

Back into the workshop today, packing a bisque, throwing, some decorating, some packing of parcels to go off to an exhibition opening at the weekend and general straight back into the chaos.

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  1. Sorry that I missed Debbie, but good to see the photos, loved those googly eyes!

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