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Phil McMenemy my good friend and great photographer cam over this afternoon. He is also involved in this exhibition coming up The Twelve Pots of Christmas at the McGill Duncan Gallery. Twelve pots by me, eleven being decorated by other artists and craftspeople and one by well – me. So Kay came and did hers last week and Phil came to practise today. His attitude was great, sgraffito is by far the easier of my two techniques to control, especially when you have a limited amount of trial time and only one pot to go with. Phil hated art at school having been shouted at because he was colour blind so he said he was quite nervous about this project. Anyway he jumped in enthusiastically and wants to go with the slip trailing and lettering and the whole hog! Completely out of his comfort zone but good on him I say. It’ll be a great fat pot when it’s done I have no doubt.

I decorated lots of pots this afternoon, lots of pie dishes and mugs and handled soup bowls, I got into a really good flow, so good that it was half seven before I left work after having had an eight 15 start too. This was my first coat on, helmet on, light off shut the door, oops I can’t see where the bike is across the yard night. Many more where that came from. I gets so dark out there, I love it but I rode home slowly, takes a few nights to get my head into the working with a narrow beam of light on the road again.
Tomorrow I’ll be meeting Lisa Hooper who is a print maker, she’s coming pot decorating too. More news on how that goes tomorrow. I’ve also to fully get my head around the packing up of boxes (banana box shortage in Castle Douglas trauma!!!!!!) and getting Paul’s car packed up and generally being ready to go early on thursday morning. We have visitors tomrrow night too so I need to be ultra organised – phew big list for the morning then. Night night.
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3 Responses to Visitors – more!

  1. Ron says:

    Hey H! That sounds like a great exhibition. It will be fun to see all the pots.

  2. Zoe says:

    It's exciting to hear the pots for our exhibition are underway! X

  3. claygrl says:

    What a fabulous and inspiring idea. How nice to have your studio brimming with other creative people. Can't wait to see the final results!

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