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Where exactly does the time go? I seem to blink and there’s another month gone. Just before I went down to Art in Clay I had a visit from Koichiro Isaka who runs Gallery St Ives in Tokyo, he brought with him a photographer and the editor of a magazine. They wanted to take some images of my pottery and the place where I live and of local foods on my pots. A huge thank you to Thistle B Scrumptious who were ever so helpful in supplying me with some great looking and great tasting foods for the photographs.

It was a fun day, it always is so lovely to show people the place where I am as I am so lucky to live here and I love it so much. I think they really enjoyed being surrounded by the cows, the cows who are very inquisitive and came to see what was going on and tried to lick the pots on the dyke.

Last week I packed up the van with lots of lovely wood fired pots and headed south. I had a fun night with Carol and Alex in Lancashire on my way down and then got mightily stuck in traffic on the M6 doing a wonderful 3miles in 2hours at one point before arriving at Art in Clay in a flustered, highly stressed, massively headached, sick feeling way. I was however greeted with a big mug of tea and a lovely smile so that helped lots.

So, for the first days my camera failed to work (it’s old and clay covered and I’ve dropped it many times and it’s held together with masking tape and prayers) but Doug said it was ok, he’d take some photos for me and I could use them (I’ll let him tell you what has happened to his camera). So essentially that means I have no flipping photos from the show! Damn. However  I have just acquired this image from someone else, thanks Wendy!

I had a great show, it was the wettest, muddiest, soggiest, heaviest downpours of rainiest show I have ever done but I had pots that I felt more confident about than I ever have before and that I was excited about and I think that really helped me to not hide away from people and to be more able to engage and talk about my pots. The Ceramic Review article helped no end, lots of people came to speak about it and one lovely lady whose name I didn’t manage to get came to see me first thing on the friday. She came in and said she’d come just to tell me that she had been about to cancel her subscription to the magazine when she read my piece and she loved it and it gave her hope. She said it was wonderful to read as it was obvious how much I utterly loved what I do and that she enjoyed the fact that I was so happy to share my passion. She made my day!

I popped into London again too with Dan Finnegan (he has photos) and Doug (he doesn’t have photos) and we went to stay with the lovely Dixie and Bob again, what an evening to remember, a fantasticly special trip. Thank you both for your hospitality and for good food and good wine and very good company.

I drove home on monday having stayed accidentally with Doug’s mum and dad on the sunday evening, I had hoped to get as far north as Paul Young’s place but by the time I dropped Doug at his parents I was struggling too much to see from tiredness and so ended up staying there. It made for a longer than planned trip north on monday but I got home in one piece and on Paul’s birthday too.

This week I have so far been unpacking and sorting out the detritus that is created in the unpack and getting my head together to fire the wood kiln again. I brought some new pots home too, nice nice, one that I had bought a couple of months ago but was collecting from Hatfield and a couple of other extras, maybe there’s another blog post there about those. For now it’s off to bed while I am nicely relaxed and floppy and smelling of almond oil after this evening’s massage. I think I deserved that.

(Oh and walking in wet slip feels every bit as fabulous as I thought it would.)

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3 Responses to Visitors and Visiting

  1. Susan says:

    Seen various photographs of your work at Hatfield, and it really all looks really stunning.
    Hope to see it all in person at Potfest in the Park.

  2. Ron Philbeck says:

    I love that photo of the pots on the table with all the food. Very nice!

  3. Peter says:

    The Ceramic Review arrived in my mail box today, and I was delighted to see your lovely work on the cover and to read the article inside. Huge congratulations, you are an international star! xx

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