Videos and New Pots


Here we have some more tasty little numbers out of the firing for you. This dish is a bit of a favourite now, it has grown on me since the firing. It has a honey counterpart too. I think these need some more work and playing with and I look forward to getting the chance to do just that.

Slip Trail and Finger Wipe Tripod Bowl.

Slip Trail Charger. Somewhere around 40cm diameter.

Detail from a 30cm diameter plate.

This week, we have been working in the Scottish slipware workshop, Doug has been working hard on some sweet wee sgraffito jugs and I have been finishing some commissions. Got a lot to do to pay for a new engine on my van as it blew up on the way back from Devon on monday. Poor Professor Yaffle is in the van hospital at the moment.

We have been making these little videos, check out Doug Fitch’s Youtube channel if you want to see more. I hope that you enjoy them.

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3 Responses to Videos and New Pots

  1. Rob says:

    Whoever is editing the videos is doing a great job. They are informative and whimsical. The Sonny and Cher routine is hilarious. I am amazed to see you have no snow, but it does look as if it rains a lot.

  2. gz says:

    Love the tripod bowl.
    Fingers crossed for your van!
    xx gz & Pirate

  3. Kathleen Cottell says:

    Hi Hannah,
    Love your pots and your blog, both look very professional. It’s really exciting to see what other potters are doing as it can feel a bit lonely otherwise.
    I’m a potter and printmaker living in Cornwall who after many years of procrastination is finally going to start potting seriously and plan to soon take a huge step into the blogging world.
    Thanks for sharing your work,

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