Variations On A Theme

Where is the time going to? As per always I feel I am just getting into my stride and what happens? Yes I’m at the end of the opportunity to make any more for this event and have to concentrate and trying to get it all fired in time and packed and away.

I have been really enjoying this new to me bird shape. I have fat birds, thin birds, long necked birds, fancy feathered birds. I just rather like birds.

This week I have sent work off to the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists for their exhibition ‘Woodlands’ which starts next week.

This weekend I hope it will be sunny so that a) I can ride my bike and b) I can get some more pots dried out in the sunshine and c) I can get all the towels that I have just washed on the line to dry. Fingers crossed.

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  1. KateUK says:

    Loving the birds.

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