USA Slipware Tour Volume V (I think)

This afternoon as I stared out at the rain that was falling from the gray sky, the rain that was so close to being sleet I shut my eyes just for a couple of moments and accidental spent a good while day dreaming. Suddenly I was lying on a beach next to a lake on Cape Cod, the sky was blue and the sun was shining and was warm on my back. I was enjoying a few moments of calm quietness for collecting thoughts amid the intense and wonderful trip that was the American Tour in April. Doug and me had only been on Cape Cod a couple of days and we were I think it is safe to say fairly stunned and shell shocked to actually be there and were somewhat terrified by the fact that we were to give a workshop in just another day or so’s time and still feeling rather rough from the time difference issue. We had gone for a walk down to a lake that Hollis had told us about and were just sitting in the sun being calm. I remember it being a lovely afternoon and I remember feeling the warmth in the sun and today I was neither having a lovely afternoon nor feeling any warmth.
My little day dream ended rather abruptly when Alan knocked on the door and brought my post in.
Anyway what it did do was remind me that I hadn’t yet shared the pots that made their ways home with me. These pictures I took not long after I got back and now the pots are all ensconced around the house doing their jobs and being used and enjoyed. Hopefully I’ll get all your names correct and attached tot he right pots, my apologies if I get muddled.
So above we have tea bowls by: John Ferraris (NC), David Stuempfle (Seagrove NC) and Hollis Engley (Cape Cod MA).

A very well used mug by Hollis, beaker from Bulldog Pottery (Seagrove NC) and another from Brad Lail (Seagrove NC).
Slab dish by Guy Wolff (Washington CT).

Mr Dan Finnegan (Fredericksburg VA)

Jug by Kevin Crowe (Amherst VA).

Goat by Naomi Dalgleish (Bakersville NC), penguins by Anna Couper (Australia) and wee fat birdie at the front by Becky Story (NC).

Two by Mr Michael Kline (Bakersville NC).

Wee jar from the apprentice at From The Ground Up Pottery (Seagrove NC), lovely dish by the lovely guys at Whynot Pottery, Meredith and Mark (Seagrove NC) and Ang Walford (Australia).

Paper plate by Michael Kline.

Oh heavens! Dish by Michael Hunt, (Bakersville NC)

Sweetie tiny spoon rest, slipped its way into my luggage just before I came home, Ron Philbeck (Charlotte NC).
I think that is the lot of them. They are all special and each of them reminds me of the different places we visited and the great times we had and all the laughs, sometimes so much laughing that there were tears and belly aches as a result. What a crazy wonderful incredible amazing mind blowing trip of a life time. To you all thank you once again. There are so many more stories that could be told (trip round the lake in a posh boat, hammocks and grapes, baseball / rounders) and some will probably appear at random points in the blog but others will probably be best told ‘in the flesh’ so to speak and yet others that just don’t translate to people that weren’t there at the time (hatchet man, frisbee, moonshine) but that to those of us that were there are just the funniest, warmest times.
Ahhhhhh it seems so very long ago but yet memories can take me there at the drop of a hat.x

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8 Responses to USA Slipware Tour Volume V (I think)

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    The lovely thing about handmade pots is that each one has a story and holds a memory.

  2. Dan Finnegan says:

    That's a great pot you've got by Mr. Dan Finnegan! (the others aren't half-bad either…)

  3. ang walford says:

    ahhhh hatchet man….brings tears to my eyes 😛

  4. How in the world did you ever get all of that home without breaking anything! I had a great time with you guys in Seagrove, much too short a visit though 🙂 come back sooooon!!

  5. jbf says:

    Once again, I'm honored to have one of my pots in such great company.It was wonderful to meet you in person and it was a great day that went by much too quickly.

  6. I love being part of the collection. And you can come back and lie by Coonamessett Pond any time you want to.

  7. Peter says:

    How lovely it was to catch up with your blog again and to share a little of the sunny daydream! As I write it is all inky dark outside and pouring with rain. There is a strong southerly blow and They are threatening snow in Southland tonight, and I thought it was almost summer in this part of the world! Nice to see those pots, and, like Tracey, I'm amazed at how you got them all home in one piece!I see that Russell finally got to Scotland (goodness he left here about 3 years ago…, has he walked all the way!!) Kind thoughts from us down here,P x

  8. Hannah says:

    Hi all, thanks for all the comments. How did I get them back? Very carefully, tightly packed into my soft bag and the big dish came on as hand luggage.It was fab meeting you all too and looking forward to seeing some of you again very shortly. Hollis I really will come back, I want to see the place when teh leaves are on the trees and get to swim in the sea!Peter, yes maybe Russell did walk all the way, that would explain it. Itw as lovely to see him.

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