Updates and Rejigging

Being stuck at home with a fair stonking cold for the last few days hasn’t been hugely entertaining. Today though I felt with it enough to actually be able to do some things and so have taken the opportunity to update my website and put new images and what not on there. Please do have a poke around and let me know if anything doesn’t work / does work / annoys you / particularly pleases you.


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6 Responses to Updates and Rejigging

  1. Daniel Finnegan says:

    Stonking = one of my favorite words…’what not’ not so much. isn’t that american? Hope that you’re on the mend.

    • Bryan Ansell says:

      ‘What-not’ – probably not American. There appear to be references in English from 1530 – 1540, meaning ‘anything’. The first use of the word ‘what-not’ to reference a piece of furniture (to hold those ‘anything’s) is 1800, or thereabouts.
      (And ‘stonking’ has, through some tortuous logic, old Scottish dialect references, but Hannah knows that already 😉

  2. Lori Buff says:

    I hope you’re feeling better.
    What’s the URL to the website?

  3. Marta reyes says:

    I did notice the new photos of your pots, and they did please me a lot, specially the oak leaves designs.
    I wonder, how do you manage to fire your pots on a wood firing kiln , if the glaze seems to be a lead frit bearing glaze? I was always told never to fire lead glazes on a wood firing glaze.

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