Unpack – frustrate – plan

6lb finger wipe and slip trailed grasses fat jug.

So this morning after some procrastinating of cups of tea and talking to my mum about an order she wants to place and some wrapping of parcels and ringing of couriers and checking on my bat that has taken up residence outside the workshop who I think is obviously very unwell or a bit of an outcast being as he is living on a white wall in broad daylight and hasn’t moved much for a few days. (He is breathing though but he doesn’t say much.) Well after all that I went and un-bricked the kiln.

On the right, slip trail white on white 6lb fat jug with tree and lettering

After I un-bricked it, I went to have a cup of tea.

Dan Finnegan pots slipped by me.

Eventually I did unpack it. At first I was really fed up with it all. The last firing had been so good and so anything after that was bound to disappoint me I suppose. Anyway it’s not bad at all. It is much cooler down the bottom but at the top I was firing to 02 and I know my clay and glaze will take more heat than that so next time (yes I am now thinking next time, I had a half hour where I was thinking bugger it I’ll take the whole thing down and go back to the electric kiln, but that passed fairly quickly this time) I’ll fire a cone or ish hotter at the top.

Sweetie fat impressed mug

There’s some real lovelies, more of the mugs from the 50 mugs project, the last of them were in here, and some wee fat jugs and lots of tapered jugs and lots of great toasty tasty pancheons that I like rather a lot now that I have had time to digest them a little.

Three new slip trailed mugs

So I have some new pots for the exhibition later this week and for Potfest too. And I have plans for the next firing though the actuality of that is going to have to wait a while, till after Potfest and after I’ve finished some orders and after Paul and me have had a holiday.

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11 Responses to Unpack – frustrate – plan

  1. gz says:

    Good, planning the next firing!!

    I like theTea mug

  2. suzi caswell says:

    All you show looks pretty nice to me. The idea of low fire In reduction sounds cool and scary at the same time.
    THE BAT! Be extremely careful around him. In this area odd animal behavior is generally due to rabies. You don’t want to have to go through rabies shots.
    Take care…on to the next firing!

  3. Ron Philbeck says:

    Looks pretty good to me H. Did you have any blistering or bubbling of the glaze? Neat to see those Dan F. pots too. Keep at it!

  4. tracey says:

    This is what I had to type to leave a comment. What is up with these word verifications?! they get worse and worse!
    Your work however, gets better and better, beautiful, all of it!!

  5. tracey says:

    oh wait, I had to copy it, then paste it,like 15 letters and numbers, grr!!

  6. Susan says:

    Oh gorgeous, I’d love to be able to afford something large and jug like, but I think it will be gorgeous and mug like, hope you have some at Potfest.

    Hubby has the weekend off, but has to be back in work on the Monday, so we’ll be having holidays in fits and starts this year.

  7. Hannah says:

    Evening all, thanks for the comments.
    GZ it’ll not be till September and I’m waiting till I have more of an idea with what I’m doing before I get the help in, I want to be able to know what to tell folks to do (hopefully!) All in good time I suppose, Alex may come to the next though which would be a good again I’m sure.
    Hi Suzi, I’m not much after reduction, it’d make my glazes blister and bubble if I had a lot of that.
    Ron, no I didn’t have any blistering! Yippee! I want a bit more muckiness though, though not so much as to make it blistery if that is at all possible.
    Tracey, thanks for persevering, much appreciated. They do seem to be getting worse and worse don’t they.
    Susan, there will indeed be mugs at Potfest.
    Tim, thanks, yes it is different isn’t it. I too love the toasty warm bits, naked clay is exciting stuff.

  8. Paul Jessop says:

    Some great looking pots there, glad your going to carry on the results are looking great.

  9. Shauna says:

    I love these pots that just came out of this firing. I especially love the “6lb finger wipe and slip trailed grasses fat jug”. It has such a great form, lovely lines and the decorations is so free and lovely. It is scrumptious!

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