Umbrellas at the ready.

Rain rain go away,
come again another day.
Preferably when I am not here and not trying to get pots to dry so that I can put them in the kiln so that I can have some space back in my workshop so that I am not falling over leather hard (some not even that dry) pots at every turn and having to move things three times or more just so I can put a board into the shelves or rescue the jug needing sgraffito or just to squeeze another couple of beakers on to the shelf somewhere. Oh and so that I can move the other half ton of clay into the barn into a neat stack instead of it being sat out in the yard in everyone’s way and looking a mess. Sorry Alan and Hazel and anyone else that it’s annoying. Very hard to pick up wet plastic bags of clay without dropping them and doing your back in as you try to catch the darn thing. I gave up after the first half ton.
Well enough of my moaning for the day.
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  1. I asked about the stars because I have a door from my grandfather’s home–must be about 100 years old. The story is that the door was made in England at the turn of the century and shipped to Texas. But it does not look ‘English’ to me because of the design of stars and flowers on the door. The stars make me think of Texas, not England. They are very much like the stars on your pot–so I wondered if the star pattern was more traditionally English that I thought. Gay

  2. Dan Finnegan says:

    What a great photo of you, Toff and Doug. I don’t believe Toff’s sales set the world on fire either. I’m going to visit Rufford with Toff this year…will you be there?

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