Two in a Row

Second glaze kiln out with happy new pots in it. Can I breathe a sigh of relief? Well I don’t quite want to risk it yet but what it does mean is that some of these new wee plates are making their way around to the north of Cumbria to the Castlegate House Gallery in Cockermouth.

If you haven’t been to visit Castlegate House since it changed hands back in July then you really should. Christine and Steve who now have it have made a lovely space full of amazing work. They have a passion in particular for slipware, oh I love people who share my passion!They are showing work on an ongoing basis by myself, Paul Young and Doug Fitch. So it’s a treat for any other slipware fans out there. It seems by the way that they are selling my work that they are doing a damn fine job of creating a lot more slipware fans too. Keep up the good work you two. I’m thrilled with what you have been doing.

Tomorrow is the last day of my print making course, I am rather sad about it but I want to make sure that I find the time to keep practising and keep working on the ways of printing that I can do at home (well at work, Paul would have a fit if I started covering the place in ink). We are all going out for a meal together after the class and I am looking forward to chatting to the lady who told me last week that a particular wood fired pots of mine took her back “to just after the war when I used to live next door to a potter called Michael Cardew”. Imagine that! She actually knew him, amazing.

I’m heading south for a few days in a bit, I have booked a course over the weekend and then will be popping over to St Ives for a visit and then a couple of days making pots in a shed in Devon. I’m looking forward to a change of scene and some fresh inspiration.

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2 Responses to Two in a Row

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Now you’ve gone and raised the bar again. What as you going to come up with next time?

  2. Patricia G says:

    Dear Hannah, I have been looking at your blog and admiring your slipware for a while. I particularly like how you’ve applied what looks like a really thin slip on some of these plates. Is this a special slip or just watered down? I have been attending an evening class in pottery and trying out slips myself.
    Thank you for sharing your work.

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