Tuesday's Turnips

OK well actually there are no turnips involved but it was the first word beginning with T that came into my head. Phil came around again this morning, trying to get some more work together for our exhibition in August. August is ages away you think but I know that it’s pop up out of nowhere and suddenly be a matter of just days away. Here he is working away.

Ooops! Freshly sieved slip – all over the floor!

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8 Responses to Tuesday's Turnips

  1. Big Al says:

    Love the pots. Really like the one with rolling hills and upside down turnips/trees/tulips. Can't wait to see these finished.

  2. I just want to taste them- they look good enough to eat!

  3. Anna says:

    So, what is the consistency of the slip that you AREN'T trailing….thick cream, paint???

  4. One of these days Hannah… I have to get me one of your pieces!

  5. Paul Jessop says:

    I'm thinking, Bigger Bucket or smaller sieve. it's a dilemma, but having given it consideration a bigger bucket is cheaper.

  6. Ron says:

    I have that same splatter deco on MY shoes.

  7. Hannah says:

    Hi Big Al, ooops I broke that one! I'm going to do another though as I was rather taken with it.Hi Anna, that's my thick pouring slip, I have a thick and a thin one, that was is thick enough that when you dip your finger in and then bend it you can justsee the knuckles through it if that makes sense.Paul I think generally bigger concentration would be helpful, less day dreaming would save the floor some grief!

  8. Anne W says:

    What a wonderful new space to fill up. 🙂 I just discovered your blog. Your pots are lovely.

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