This morning my “to do” list was so scarily long that I resorted to the age old technique of procrastination, I went out to tidy up the plant pots for the winter. Not that I have any idea how or what to tidy for this particular time of year but it made me feel better and it looks better now too. While I was at it I tried my hand at a bit of ceramic restoration on this big plant pot, I think no one would ever guess that the original pot that the tree was in was the blown over by the gales last week and that I had the very next day swapped the pot for another that I had at home – this one – which as I walked back into the workshop job completed promptly blew over and broke!
Today I have had the pleasure of Kay Ribbens hat maker extraordinaire’s company at work as she has been decorating a small jug of mine for an upcoming exhibition. More on that nearer the time but I won’t show you the jug until all the 12 pots have been decorated.

Lovely lettering that was on the street where we were staying in London.

Some willow sculptures cascading over the pavilion at Origin this week.

Things I learnt in London:
– It takes two grown women a ridiculous length of time and much hysterical giggling to work out the complications of the complex light switches in the hotel room.
– The moon seemed much larger than here so we must have been closer to it.
– At the Elephant and Castle I could see no sign of either. Five times I went past slowly in the traffic jams while on the bus and still no sign at all. I felt cheated.
– The gherkin building feels like it’s at the end of every street.
– The bus maps aren’t half as confusing as I had first thought.
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2 Responses to Tuesday

  1. ang says:

    nice scout knots H…

  2. Helen says:

    I love it. Elephant and castle, brilliant Hannah. Bus map comment I agree with too, they are fab when you get the hang of 'em.

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