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Here is a picture of the chaos that was my work bench this morning, some people think that my workshop is always spotlessly tidy and neat and clean. This is just a segment of the madness that was in there this morning.
This afternoon though I did some sorting that I have been meaning to do for a year since I moved into this workshop, I bought a new top for these trestles that are my table as this one is bowed beyond belief (you put a full cup of tea in a certain spot and you can nigh on have it over flowing with the tilt on it). I bought some flat!!! ware boards, I know, a crazy extravagance, not enough to replace them all but I can burn the worst now, good kiln fodder. I could do with sitting having a good hard think about what to do in this space, some of it works ok but I am severely lacking in shelf space for in progress work. The ideal spot is a pain of a spot as it’s a solid granite boulder wall and you need nothing short of a thermic lance to get holes in it.

Funny wee men it looks like I’ve been making today, they remind me of Matey Bubblebath for those of you that remember such things. I feel like everything needs to be new and amazing at the moment and when I make them they aren’t new (they’re all intensely medieval inspired at the moment, even more so than usual) and because they’re all shapes I haven’t ever made before they’re not anything even approaching the same plane as amazing. Last year was incredible in many many ways, I mean it’s not every day you get invited to come and show what you do in America is it? I did shows I’ve been applying for for years, I sold lots and lots of pots, had a show at Gracefield with Phil that I was really pleased with and in the main had a wonderful time, oh and went back to America again. So suddenly I am in a new year and well, you can’t beat that can you? I feel under a lot of pressure to prove that it was right that I did all those things, to prove that I am good enough to have done them and to make pots that are better and more accomplished and more mine than last year. It’s probably only me that’s put the pressure there but I think that’s what it is that’s making me worry about every pot that I am trying to make now. The head I had the first week in January with the crazy sprigged mugs was much more fun, I’d like that one back if I may.

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  1. Nothing wrong with striving to be better, more excellent than you already are, but keep in mind that you ARE a fantastic potter and don't let that nasty self doubt creature sneak in!!I love the shape of those new pieces, look forward to seeing what they becomexoxoI thought it was Monday all day until I read your post 🙂

  2. last weeks head space was fun!! and really looking good at this weeks efforts so far.. head down H :))

  3. gz says:

    You'll get those button mugs back!Just breathe and go for it!!

  4. Dennis Allen says:

    A little self doubt is the boot in the ass that keeps us all moving forward.

  5. Hi Hannah! Your fabulous and spot on pots always knocked me for a loop before I felt brave enough to put my comments on your blog. I will always be happy that Hollis was the one that said let's ask Hannah and Doug to be in the Blog show- I was not sure you two would send work- but send you did- and then to meet you both. It has been wonderful. I hope one day to board a plane and come your way. You bet your sweet a** …keep up the work- I still want to take a bite out of your pieces everytime I see them.

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. kateuk says:

    You should see my work space- yours is REALLY tidy…the pots will be great too:it is always a step into the void doing something new.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hannah (and others)Barry Lopez in "About This Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory" apparently writes a wonderful essay on a potter firing their Anagarma Kiln.Has any read it?

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