Tuesday sneezy day

The pollen is doing it’s thing in style this week, bless me, bless me. Makes for everything being just that bit harder than you’d like it to be.

My big big bowl, is off to a new home, it was hard to package, took me an age but better safe than sorry and fingers crossed it’ll make it there safe and sound.

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4 Responses to Tuesday sneezy day

  1. BODACEOUS and beautiful big bowl 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    We fresians only see things in black and white, apart from green of course!!

  3. Blog's looking gorgeous, Hannah, as are the pots. Love the pictures of the bases. Commiserations re sneezes. I'm just, enshallah, coming out of my major sneeze period now – mould and spores being the culprit and damp, Thames Valley London not the right place – Hope to get to Ceramics in the City this year. Could you put me on a mailing list or something? thelab@claudiaclare.co.uk 🙂 Thanks.

  4. Hannah says:

    Thanks Claudia I will indeed add you to the mailing list. Hope to see you at the Geffrye.

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