Tuesday and more sunny sunny day dancing

Busy busy, throwing throwing throwing! I think I have thrown a total of 67 lbs of clay which fr me is an ‘eck of a lot of clay in one day. Bellies of jugs and big bowls mainly and a plate to replace the one that I managed to dry way to fast in the sun this afternoon. I was getting a bit carried away with the getting things dry idea. I was so busy making though that I took not one single picture today which was a shame as there was a shrew on my doorstep this morning, second day in a row, 2 wee deer were on the drive in front of me on my way home and to complete the wildlife count I swallowed a fly while cycling home, I don’t know why I swallowed a fly I guess I’ll. . .

Holiday snap of the day, Porlock beach again, I did like these boulders and the wooden posts.
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3 Responses to Tuesday and more sunny sunny day dancing

  1. I like your new header. I still can't work out how to get one on my blog, I think you will have to give me a lesson. That was a lot of clay, you must be getting some right good muscles.

  2. Peter says:

    I always find that it is the hand wedging of clay rather than the throwing that wears me out, the most I ever did in a day was 3 bags, 60kg, but the wedging was uncomfortable on the poor old wrists and arms. I normally go to around 40kg as a self imposed limit. A de-airing pugmill would be a great help… do you have one?

  3. ang says:

    stop dancing you'll make it rain..!

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