Today I. . .

Well first thing this morning while trying to open the kitchen window which mustn’t have been opened in a while, I fell in the sink. Funny how just a tiny drop of water can seem to thoroughly soak you.

Anyway back in the real world another amazing day, so so hot and sunny. I turned and handled the 30 mugs and dozen or so small jugs that I threw yesterday, that took most of the day. Then I got into a throwing mood and threw a couple plates and a few more dishes to make oval and a couple of big jugs. I’d have done some more as I was so into it but suddenly needed some food and had nothing with me so had to head home. I’m really bad when Paul’s not here and I find I work later and forget to eat until I get to the point where my legs have turned to jelly and I feel light headed and dizzy. Stupid, I should keep a secret stash of emergency food at the workshop but then I’d probably just eat it without it being an emergency.

Two people just suggested building my wood kiln before Spring Fling so that it wouldn’t matter if I had no pots. I think it might be a job that will take more than the 7 or so days that I have left in the workshop before Spring Fling. Shame cos I do like the idea. I don’t really think I’ll get it even started until after the end of June and E&F and BT are out of the way.

I’ve got a pile of paperwork building up at the moment, stuff I tend to save until Paul is away so that I have something to keep me occupied. However it’s so lovely outside I can’t bring myself to even start it. So instead I just put this little oak tree of Paul’s into a new pot (seen here next to one of Amanda’s dishes and in a Svend bowl) and put some fresh compost into my potted trees at work. I though they had all died over the winter because until last week they were just brown sticks, but you can see from yesterday’s photo they have bounced back to life with the addition of some sunshine.
Thank you to everyone who has been offering ideas about the kiln too. It’s great to have such support at the click of a button. I really appreciate all the ideas. I’ve lots to try. Hopefully my bisque will be cool enough to open tomorrow so I can see what the cones are up to again. Fingers crossed.

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  1. I am sorry to hear you are having such problems with your kiln. The temperature difference between the top and the bottom seems to be significant. It brings back bad memories for me because I had big problems about 18 months ago. I threw a large number of pots away. I had been buying a comercial lead glaze and the pots started seeping water. They looked perfect when I took them out of the kiln but were porous. I still don’t really know what the problem was but I now mix my own glaze based on lead sesquescilicate and give it a soak for one and a half hours!!I wish I could think of something to help but I’m afraid I cann’t. The only time I have had the splintering on the edges is when the pots have been too dry before I slip them and them the shrinkage is all wrong.Hope you solve it soon I admire your spirit.

  2. ang says:

    bathing in the sink surely you have bathrooms up there in weee scotland.. kidding! you have pretty much thought of everything now on the kiln challenge all the best on figuring it out…..

  3. paul jessop says:

    One can only hope, One did not break any valuable pots, following your vertical insertion into the sink. a number of questions spring to mind.1. Can you swim ?.2. was this a suicide attempt ?.3. was the plug out ?4. Did it resolve the Kiln problems5. will you try installation art again ?.

  4. ang says:

    paul, dude, your way funny! what you on?? cough medicine?

  5. Hannah says:

    Hi Paul (that calpol seems to have gone to your head!)1.yes thank you, quite definatly not, feeling very jolly connsidaring the mess that I keep creating at work, in a very good place mentally which is rather odd but may be sun induced.3.Plug out but plastic bowl in with about half an inch of water in it, no washing up liquid.4.Good heavens lets hope so!5.Hmmmmmmmmmm not in a hurry!

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