Today I . . .

1. Got my hand stuck in a jug. Oops!
2. Unpacked the kiln, got some nice looking new things out of that for the trade show coming up this weekend.
3. Had my car fixed.
4. Put handles on my big jugs.
5. Had to work very hard to stop myself spending the entire day making more big jugs. I’m a bit obsessed with them at the moment but the workshop is sort of full of them already, the ones I made last week take up almost half of my drying racks and it could easily become a big problem.
6. Had another natter to a happy Doug (see his blog if you don’t already know.)
7. Had a fabulous surprise parcel from Blogger Margaret – what a very sweet lady.
I made this a couple of months ago. I was starting to get frustrated because I can’t throw things big enough to be able to do the sort of decoration that I would very much like to do so this is me trying to work my way around that problem. A set of dinner plates which you can hang on your wall and which will make an image once they are all together and which as individual pieces have a more abstract design. I plan on making a 12 piece one next, imagine how big a tree I could grow across 12 plates! Each of these plates are about 11″ diameter. I just got them out of the glaze kiln today.

More squared handled dishes.

A close up of one of the crazy flower plates.

The new shoots on my little horse chestnut tree outside, and the dwarf daffs outside the workshop too.

It’s been such a beautiful afternoon – again! I could get used to this so easily and with the clocks having gone forward at the weekend it means it’s light after dinner now. What bliss.

These two little beauties of bowls arrived in the post today. What a lovely surprise Margaret and you really didn’t need to do that but blimey I am grateful. I love them both. The feather bowl is one of Margaret’s own and the little hare bowl is by the one and only Mary Wondrausch my hero. I was only moaning yesterday to Doug as my post arrived that there was nothing exciting in amongst it but as they say toady was a different story. How lucky am I!

Lastly a little film for you so that you can try to decipher what on earth I am muttering about and chuckle at my accent. I had no idea I said “that I really like” so often, or “there you go.”

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9 Responses to Today I . . .

  1. Ron says:

    Hannah,you are amazing! What a great idea with the tree plates. Everything looks super. Nice to hear your voice too. Best,Ron

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hannah!!!! Guess what- i am know the very proud owner of a lovely little piece of technology called a netbook and its brill as I am sat in the lounge reading your blog! Not bad hey-considering it was just last week that I was saying to you that it would be great toget one./ So now I can keep in touch with you better. I think your blog is brilliant- love your tales- feel like its Jackanory with Hannah!! Speak soon, love emmaxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hannah says:

    Emma!!! Hi, good to get you on here. That was indeed fast work, well done you. Did you make your story time appointment last week. Hope so. Harrogate this weekend.hx

  4. Glad to hear that the parcel arrived safely. I cooked a Chinese meal for my youth group tonight and I am exhausted. I’ve got a fortnight off now to recover! That’s a good set of plates there and a good idea.

  5. Ron says:

    Emma, what kind of netbook did you get? Is is running Windows or another OS? I want one!

  6. Anna says:

    Hannah I really love your work! I follow your blog for inspiration. Slipware is something I have always wanted to try…have ordered some low fire earthenware that finally arrived yesterday. (Now that Dan has approved the very careful use of it in our cone 6 studio at LibertyTown!) The tree plates are beautiful!

  7. Jerry says:

    Those plates are wonderful. What a great idea and I can’t wait to see the larger set. Neat!

  8. I “really like” the video, Hannah. Everyone ought to do that. Nice pots, too, especially those square handled ones.

  9. jimgottuso says:

    great shots, especially the closeup of the crazy flower plates… i know it’s spring when the chestnut trees open up… got a bottle brush buckeye last year and the leaves have opened all the way.

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