To make or break a potter. . .

Well to break a potter, or pair of potters to be more precise you can shut the entire second floor of the Hanley Museum in Stoke on Trent which is where all the blooming pots are so that when they make a trip to Stoke which they only do once in a blue moon they can only see a glimpse of the Toft chargers through two sets of glass doors and across about 50 yards of floor.
To make them though you can open a kiln furniture graveyard where the red haired one of the same pair of potters can buy loads of kiln shelves and props for her new kiln for a pittance.

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4 Responses to To make or break a potter. . .

  1. potterboy says:

    Where did you find the kiln bits? Not Walter Brayford I'm guessing.Pity about the Tofts – I've seen them 🙂 It's the V&A that always gets me – bloody ceramics section still isn't open, I don't think!

  2. jimgottuso says:

    what a drag… reminds me of my one and only trip to the hirshorn museum in washington dc and the outdoor sculpture garden was closed because there was a wee bit of ice on the steps, i was in a sculpture program at the time and had to look at all the rodin's from 30 feet away

  3. Bummer, Hannah. But it can't be bad to get cheap kiln bits for that new woodburner.

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