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Back home again and exhausted. It’s been a crazy busy but very enjoyable trip. Annabel and Elissa it was really great to see you both again. Thank you so much for your hospitality it is very much appreciated.
The show went well, it’s a small show really on the London scale of things but I really enjoy it precisely because of that fact and the staff at The Geffrye Museum were brilliant.
As I said briefly in the last post I did manage to run to the Victoria and Albert Museum for the opening of their new ceramics gallery. I knew it was happening on friday but really didn’t think I’d be able to go until I discovered that the museum is open till 10pm on a friday evening! What on earth else better is there to do of a friday evening in London? So myself and Linda Bloomfield and Blogger Andrew went there to meet my friend Eleanor who now works there.

Linda and me were like excitable school children, when we saw the hoarding outside with the pots on we could hardly cross the road fast enough. It was too much to take in really, my brain felt like it would explode if I tried to look at any more. These three pots above are so much bigger in real life than I thought they would be. Beauties.

A general gallery pic with Eleanor, Linda and Andrew. There are so many pots, a whole section of world ceramics, like a time line I think it was though I may be muddled now about that. Lots of British things, lots of slipware, oh just lots of lovely lovely things, and bits of things and a set up of Lucie Rie’s studio and saggars and pully outy drawers with things in and boards to turn over and films to watch and pots, and more pots and did I mention the pots?

I just wander around London agog most of the time, it’s so busy and chaotic looking to me and there is stuff happening all over the place. I liked these bollards, we walked past these every day on the way to the show. More London pictures to come and I might just get them all up before I go away again a week saturday to London again!
The potter next to me at Ceramics in the City was Chito Kuroda who took this video of the show.

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  1. Chito Kuroda says:

    Glad you had a great weekend!I did the same!It was very nice to sit next to you!Thanks for the link to my website ;)Best wishes & see you sncx

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