Tick tock

This afternoon I found myself just sat sitting watching the precious minutes ticking by but without the energy to drag myself up. Every day is very valuable at the moment, just a couple or three weeks till a show here in Castle Douglas and five weeks till Ceramics in the City, and in the middle of all that, three days on courses and a week in Devon firing harvest jugs and this weekend away in Manchester. I’m getting a bit worried about whether I’ll have enough pots never mind enough good enough pots for these things and yet where is my get up and go? Think it’s gotten up and gone. I think being pretty shattered after Potfest doesn’t help, feel a bit not quite back to normal, bit run down maybe, so that certainly doesn’t help. Need to make a plan I think, maybe that would help.
I don’t usually write a post when things aren’t all sunny and hunky dorey, something Ron said made me think I might.

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5 Responses to Tick tock

  1. Ron says:

    Oh no I’m bringing the ship down….maybe it’s the rain. We need Doug back from holiday to cheer us back on in his own manic depressive way or Paul J’s witty humor maybe. He’s not been a full time potter long enough to get bummed out. 🙂 May Alan will have some insight, making mice to pass the low times. Or a fast ride on the motorbike. I gotta go make some dishes. Hope you feel better.

  2. ang says:

    hey Hannah, i think it’s common after a busy work cycle then a big show to have a bit of a slump…’action plan’ get out a big calendar to plan work time up to shows, (its the only way i can do it and work my job as well) and do give yourself a couple of days off do something else, go shop, visit some friends or just sleep its good stuff !! call me if ya like..i had a bit of a chat with your v. kind paul a while back when i got skypie working we have a major time diff. but if ya see me on please call.

  3. Well all I can say is – and I know you’re not a pair of curtains so you can’t pull yourself together but you should – how can I put this delicately – shift that smart arse of yours! Go on you know you love what you do just get on and do it.

  4. ajsimmons says:

    …..I’ve come to the conclusion that the ups and downs are integral to what we do, more a lifestyle than a 9-5 job. Sorry we didn’t have more time yesterday…too many people at once…i know I’m mostly doom and gloom too but always up for a chat Ax

  5. Hannah says:

    No Ron I didn’t mean that, you’d commented on someone elses blog about making it all sound sunny even though sometimes it’s not.Ang, yes I will call you, I’ll get the time thing worked out and remember to look! I always forget about skype till it goes “ping ping Ron calling!”Alan, I know I know!Amanda, yes but the chips were good weren’t they.

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