Thursday that feels like Friday

I’m all messed up with what day of the week it is, yesterday felt like monday and today feels like friday so where my head is I have no idea. I had a minor panic this afternoon realising that my plan to go to the bank and post office etc tomorrow, once I’d worked out what day it really was, wouldn’t work as it’s a bank holiday tomorrow so no go at the PO. So I had to quickly gather my things and go and run into town to catch up with myself.
Thanks for the comments after my duff fair. Just as an extra, it is a show that I have done before and last year went pretty damn well, the contrast between this year and last is quite incredible. The show is only for work hand made in Britain, no mass production or imports. The quality in general was I thought pretty exceptional, one or two of the stands maybe a little less so but mostly wonderful work and not necessarily for the gift market, a lot of work which borders on the fine art category really.
Next up for me is Ceramics in the Round at Buxton which is a lovely little town. I’m hoping to take the tree plates but need to work out how to be able to hang them without having a wall behind my stand. I might have to try to fashion something. Hmmm, a couple of weeks to work on that one though. I’m looking forward to that one, will get to see some friends again and hopefully sell some pots.

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