Thursday Slip Day

I slipped some pots today!!!! Woohoo!!! Earlier this week I’d taken my slip trailers apart and cleaned them and given some of them new corks and rewired them all so they were all like new and raring to go. These two mugs are an order that is pressing and they were the two mugs that I threw earlier in the week. They need quickly bisque and glazing, thank goodness for my tiny test kiln.

I had some money boxes under plastic too, waiting what feels like three years to be decorated but is actually about 5 weeks now, thank goodness for plastic! I slipped those too, I could feel the aches afterwards but it was good to do. Nice to see fresh things sitting on the shelves again.
It’s been a bit of a yuck week. Our family dog Jess has been poorly on and off for a while and she was an old dog but a darling, the vet kept fixing her but on tuesday it was all too much for her and now she’s gone to that doggy heaven. Hopefully budgies are allowed in the same place as my little blue friend Joe was poorly too this week and I took him off to the vet who said well you know nine years is pretty good going for a budgie. Anyway after him looking much chirpier (pardon the word) last night after his antibiotics he had died by this morning. Poor little mite, blimey the house is quiet without him. Not too jolly a week for the pet loving McAndrew family.
On a lighter note it’s been ten years, give or take 3 days, since Emma, me and Deb (left to right) graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University. Can you believe it’s ten years Alex? This was us outside the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. I don’t think any of us had a clue what on earth we were going to do next apart from try to catch those expensively hired hats and not damage them in the process.
Thank you all for the great comments after that last post, they were gratefully received and much appreciated. I feel better for just getting it off my chest. Onwards and upwards!
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7 Responses to Thursday Slip Day

  1. Dang, what a rough week for you!! My pets are getting up there too and I don't expect either of them to be around a lot longer. Sad when they go though, you get in such a routine with them. Puppies are nice, hint hint!! sorry for the icky week 🙁

  2. Yes, as Tracey says, definitely a tough week. I sat down here just now and the first thing I read was another pair of friends adopting a brand new hound to replace the golden retriever who died a month ago. Life moves on, I guess. Good to see you working on the pots, too.

  3. So sorry about Jess and Joe. What a sadness and emptiness to lose two pet friends. (Heavens, we both cried buckets when we had to bury our hamster, and that is a rather lesser thing than a dog, though like a budgie can sneak into your heart). Good to see some slipped pots, things are looking up, or at least going to. Softly softly though. Newly washed and filled slip trailers are a dream, can never understand why I don't do it more often.

  4. Zoe says:

    Oh Hannah really sorry to hear about Joe and Jess. I've been through it recently when we lost Peter Pan my Shetland pony. Animals break your heart, but that's worth it for all the years of happiness.Big hug to you.Z x

  5. Ron says:

    Ah, Hannah look at your short hair in that photo! So sorry to hear about the pets. Sad indeed. You haven't lost your touch, slip looks grand. Small steps.

  6. Anna says:

    So glad you are slipping pots again! Slow and steady remember…with lots of breaks. 🙂 SO sorry about Jess and Joe. We've been through it twice and now 9 years later we know it will happen again one day with Layla….Love em while we have em though dont we?

  7. ang says:

    yeh your trailing work is smooth as ever sorry to hear about the losses of the fluffy and furry friends this week..what a bummer..take it easy H and do look after yourself..

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