Through Germany and the Netherlands with food

On the way back to the ferry at Rotterdam how could we not stop in on a random Dutch cheese shop? The owner of this one was wonderful, obviously very proud of his shop and told us all about all the different types and where they were made and more importantly let us try lots before we spent a small fortune on the stuff. Paul loves cheese, he could live on it I think so I brought him some home. He was away racing this weekend while I was here getting myself stuck in jumpers so I thought I’d have some of the lovely new cheese on a sandwich for my lunch but I couldn’t even cut the stuff, very frustrating. It did keep his cheese safe though, I contemplated just nibbling it like a mouse, you know a little mouse with logs on, well I declare, going clip clipety clop on the stair, etc etc.

More of our clay nibbles.

How out of place were we in this rather posh tearoom in Cologne, it was full of ladies who lunch, the ice creams were good though and the waitress humoured us by taking our photo.

Ohhhh I could eat that meal again. This was at a hotel that I would have liked to stay at but it was out of our price range sadly, I liked it because it was called the Hotel Bartman, many pictures of the Bartmen to come in another post, so many of the handsome fellas around the place. Just wonderful.
Buns anyone?

Ahh more ice-cream. We accidentally found ourselves in amongst this massive Dutch street market on our way home (I still haven’t worked out the reason behind the queue of slightly older gentlemen who were cheering each other on to batter a loaf of bread with a baseball bat). Anyway the ice-cream was ridiculously large but entertaining to eat and tasty.
I’ve been to the doctors this morning who sent me for a trip to A&E, the up shot is there is nothing broken, I’ve to keep up wit the pain killers and not to expect to be back at full movement before 6 weeks – gulp! Uh oh…….
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5 Responses to Through Germany and the Netherlands with food

  1. How frustrating. I'm sorry to read you had an accident what a disappointing end to what looks like a wonderful trip.

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    No matter where people go, they always come back with at least one cheesy photo.Hope you have a quick recovery.

  3. ang says:

    what a bunch of foodies…looks like a fab time H

  4. Ron says:

    All the food looks great, even the clay food.Do take care.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Say cheese,cheese,cheese,cheese,cheese,& again!!

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