This week I have been mostly. . .

. . . Moving wood, lots of wood, and stacking it to dry. It’s very green so it might be burnable this time next year. Some of it isn’t split as much as I’d hoped so that stuff might get chopped into stove sized pieces and then split. Anyhow it’s a start.

I was doing more wood shifting today while Paul was moving around a lot of hardcore and building a wooden frame for the concrete to be poured into. A little bit more moving to be done and filling in of gaps but maybe concrete next weekend weather permitting. Paul bless him has worked solidly all day, you can’t tell from the picture just how much stuff needed digging and levelling and sorting but he deserves a big hug for it all and something to ease his aching back no doubt.

I’ve been asked to make some saltpigs for a gallery that I supply in Ripon, they are opening a new shop at Newby Hall and would like some work for there too. I haven’t made salt pigs for a while and I remembered the great idea that Alan Gaff once published on his blog a while ago and thought I’d give it a go. This one does the thing that I hate on saltpigs in that the mouth isn’t vertical so any dust dropping from above is still able to fall into the opening of the jar, however excluding that fact which just requires a bit of tweaking on the cutting process I think it works well, so much easier than the way I would usually make them. I’ll see what it looks like decorated but I will be trying it again, thanks Alan!

These two pictures are some sample that I have been working on for a project that I may be involved in in the future. It’s based on the Cumnock Pottery that I mentioned a few posts back. I was trying to reuse the naive style of drawing and lettering that appears on the old Cumnock pots.

Last night was Helen’s leaving party, she’s moving away to Glasgow and we will miss her oh so very much. I can report that the cake and chocolate lollipops went down well.

PS A quick message to my regular Anonymous commenter, hope you are ok, haven’t heard from you in a while.

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4 Responses to This week I have been mostly. . .

  1. those cups are so totally cute!

  2. Jerry says:

    That salt pig design is similar to the ones that I made by request recently. Mine were a bit more squat, as I cut the cylinder a bit more towards the middle. I’m not sure which I like better. Just curious…do you glaze the interiors of your salt pigs?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hannah. Many thanks for your PS on this post – yes we r well. Much appreciated particularly when you have had a very hard wood moving day.I have been following your posts – as always very informative (slip trailing demo; glass process pls take note VAS!!).The great thing about your site are the links to other sites for we non-potters.We were in the Flat Cat Gallery (Lauder) recently and recognised the work of Paul Young – very impressive.We have also been looking at the work of Douglas Fitch (potter, rock star & all round good egg) and hopefully will acquire a treacly piece later in the year – you can almost touch it on the website.The problem is when you love this type of pottery there is an overwhelming desire to buy it All.From your recent posts a fusion of clay / glass/ chocolate would seem 2 b the ideal product – claglachoc only found in remote areas of Scotland!!Keep Well; Keep Posting

  4. Anonymous says:

    Huge congratulations on your fabulas news of getting into london am so proud of you, knew you could do it.your Sis

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